A New Year, A New Start.

Hi fellow hardstyle & hardcore listener,

Recently we’ve had to hear the terrible news that Fear.FM will shut down at the end of this year, this will make some changes for 2013.

Alongside Fear.FM, the Hardcore Top 40 won’t be continued in 2013, though there will be a last Fear.FM Top 100 for both hardstyle & hardcore at the end of 2012 (31 Dec – 01 Jan).

Positive news is that the Hardstyle top 40 will keep on going, with some updates.
A new top 40 will from now on be at the end of each month (no day set yet), no longer the first Saturday.
As for live broadcasting, we are clueless for now, more info about this will definitely follow.



As for now, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A big thanks go out for those who are with us, keep the music alive!

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