Clarification of

Once again, for those who do not understand who or what we actually are and what our purpose is about.

We are NOT the official Hardstyle or Hardcore Top40, we are NOT apart of them and do not have any relation with.
We are merely a group of youngsters with the intention to combine every Top40 on 1 website, as there was none.

The data we collect is mostly spreaded over multiple websites and we bring it together into 1 simple web page for the public to browse.

We do not want to cause any trouble between us and the official Hardstyle and Hardcore Top40, as we just want to combine them together.

Further, we want to thank the people who are with and support us, we really do put a lot of effort into all of this and want to make it a place where people come together and discuss the harder styles of music.

We apologies for any mess up that we could have made.

Having this said, i hope things have cleared out a bit more.
Read our FAQ page for further details about who or what we are.

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