Fear.FM welcomes all of you!

The word was spread. Whispers echoed throughout the web and hopes were raised about a return of something sorely missed. Now we’re proud to tell you that Fear.FM and TW-Magazine are back!

We’re collaborating together to build a community for everyone interested in the harder styles of dance music, now known as Fear.FM Community & Radio. We offer 3 online radio streams called Hard, Harder and Hardest, which are specific to 3 sub-genres of the harder styles, Jump/ Tek, Hardstyle and Hardcore. What you can expect to see from us are some old favourites, like the Fear.fm top 40 and the 2Dangerous live show. But that’s not it; we are proud to announce several new shows with internationally acclaimed names to them, as well as a host of DJs spinning all your favourite tracks. We also offer the online magazine updated daily with the latest news, reviews, releases and announcements involving everything the world of the harder styles has to offer and it’s worth checking it out every day. Our own photographers will go out each weekend to the various parties to capture everything and everyone, and you’ll find these back on our website as well.

Our website’s design has been changed in several ways and we welcome you to register and find out. As a registered member of the Fear.FM Community, you can partake in the discussions on the forum as well as a load of other features available only to our members.

We are overjoyed to be back, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. To everyone who has helped in the return of Fear.FM, everyone who has Tweeted, MySpaced, Facebooked and Hyved, those offering their skills, expertise and valuable time, our sponsors Qreative Design and PC Extreme and our former and future listeners who make us such a close-knit community… We thank you. We hope that you will enjoy the new Fear.FM as much as we do!

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