FearFM Hardcore Top 100 2012

Hardcore Top 100

FearFM Hardcore Top 100 2012

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  1. Is there any chance that fear fm hardcore top will ever return once again and for all ? It was one of the best radio stations always playing all my fac tracks and those monthly releases of mixed and unmixed tracks by 40 and 100 top I’m missing them already big time ! Please reply to me on my email provided here thank you ! Best wishes !

    • Hi,

      No, http://www.fear.fm won’t be coming back anymore, unfortunately…
      But not to worry, both the hardstyle & hardcore top 40 have been taken over by other “bigger” radio stations.

      Q-Dance took the Hardstyle Top 40 under their lead and The Third Movement has taken the Hardcore Top 40 to their station.

      You can go through our frequently asked questions page for more details about this issue: http://www.feartop40.com/faq.

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