[Newsflash] Q-Dance Presents: Hardcore Top 40

Hardcore Top 40

Q-Dance Presents: Hardcore Top 40

Hardcore; it runs through our veins and lies embedded in our orange heart. It’s time to give this love and passion a fixed place on Q-dance Radio. From now on, every first Friday of the month, we will release our inner beast and treat you with the best and the freshest tracks of the moment in the Hardcore Top 40, mixed together into a parade of rawness.

We would like to thank The Third Movement for their support and being our platform in 2013. Thanks to them, we managed to put the Hardcore Top 40 back on the airwaves. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make this shift to Q-Dance Radio now.

So, for the ones who dig it hard and heavy: get your 2014 agenda out and mark the first Friday of each month. Make sure to tune in on Friday the 7th of February at 17:00 for the first episode and get ready for some real Hardcore violence!

More information about the Hardcore Top 40:

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