Q-dance and Hardstyle Top 40 presents: Hardstyle Top 100 of 2014

Hardstyle Top 100

Q-dance & Hardstyle Top 40 presents: Hardstyle Top 100 of 2014

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During ‪‎FREAQSHOW‬, Q-dance closes the year traditionally in style. They do this by playing a mix of the 10 best hardstyle tracks of the year 2014.
While Q-dance mixes the Top 10 for FREAQSHOW, the Hardstyle Top 40 will be mixing the Hardstyle Top 100!

More information about the Hardstyle Top 40:

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  1. downloadable content doenst work. its no zippyshare at the mp3 dowload

    • Hello,

      There are 2 downloads available.

      First one is a single .MP3 at Hugefiles.
      The second are 2 .rar buttons (links) at Zippyshare.

      Download both links then right click Part1 and choose extract here.

      • but the one at hugefiles isnt a mp3 for windows mediaplayer. it opens a other application. the normaly top 40 i didnt have this issue

  2. They both doesnt work properly not as usual so i can’t download it. the normale top 40s the zippy share always worked

  3. yes it worked thank you very much now i can enjoy it for 5hours straight haha :p

  4. How can I get cue file for the mix?

  5. Hey, has someone found an unmixed compilation of all the tracks?

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