Q-Dance Presents: Hardstyle Top 40 March 2014

Hardstyle Top 40

Q-Dance Presents: Hardstyle Top 40 March 2014

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The month february is to its end so it is time for a brand new Hardstyle Top40. A month with alot of new music. Last month Noisecontrollers launched his new artist album called “All around”. This launch pushed one of the early singles straight to the number one position in this months Top40.

Win the new Prophet album: Louder!
This month we have something special in store for you. This week The Prophet will launch his new artist album called “Louder!”. Together with our partner “Cloud 9 Music” we can give away a few copies of this very special album.

What do you need to do for this?
Not much but here are two ways to win the album:

– Share this post with your friends
– Cast a vote for your personal favorite track on www.hardstyletop40.com

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