The end of Fear.FM

The end of Fear.FM

This is the second time we’ve had to make this harsh decision. When we returned over two years ago, your response has been heartwarming. Thanks to you and thanks to an enthusiastic crew, we restarted Fear.FM with lots of motivation. The past two years have therefore been so much fun. We did some wonderful things that exceeded all our expectations.With hard dance music spreading the world, we wanted to grow bigger and bigger. We started to set new expectations, high expectations. To meet this expect however, it would mean we would have to change and professionalize our organization. This is what we’ve been trying to do the past year. Unfortunately we had to conclude that in its current setting, this would be impossible to do. Even though we’ve had the honor to work with a great crew and we received an amazing feedback from the scene, as a foundation run by volunteers, we couldn’t make that last step.

Fear.FM has been a household name in the hard dance for several years and has been part of the daily routine of thousands of people. We wou
ld like to keep Fear.FM’s name in honor and keep remembering Fear.FM like this. After a lot of thinking we therefore concluded to once and for all quit Fear.FM. Our beloved radio station will leave a hole in the scene. We will never forget the past seven years in which we could call ourselves the leading radio station in the harder styles of music (maybe even while Fear.FM was gone). We would like to thank all our listeners, our sponsors, our crew and everyone we’ve happily worked with in the past. You have been great to us! Thank you!Fear.FM will stop on the 1st of January, as is tradition. This way we can end the story with a bang. We hope we can still count on you the next few weeks and again, we would like to thank all of you!Best regards,

The Board and Crew of Fear.FM



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