Q-Dance Presents: Hardstyle Top 40 November 2013

Hardstyle Top 40

Q-Dance Presents: Hardstyle Top 40 November 2013

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The end of the year is coming closer and closer. This means that slowly we will take stock of the past year. During the Top40 of December we will come back at you with a summary of this year. A start to the end of the year has been made and it found its way to number seven on the list. Bass Modulators come in with their anthem ‘Freaqs by Night’ of the New Year’s party Freaqshow.

The month November was an extremely busy month. Many artists released their albums including the albums of Wasted Penguinz, Audiofreq, Radical Redemption and Phuture Noize. For the last two names the Top 40 comes too early, but who knows what will happen next month?

The battle between the album of Wasted Penguinz and Audiofreq is won by the guys from Sweden. With twelve tracks they are the first to have so many of their tracks in the Top 40.
This month’s list also has an exceptional track. The track with one of the longest titles written ever (see track list below) has found its way back to number ten in the list. Since July this year, Atmozfears and Audiotricz are in the top10 with their remix of ‘Sparks’ and it does not look like going down is the option yet.

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